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Aug 2021

Building a better day

August 10, 2021

I hope you’ve  been able to write things down! As I sat in my thinking chair this morning, “First things first!” Kept ringing in my head. Ok. So I did my devotional and the past few days it has been dropping little nuggets about hearing and seeing God in everything. The key to it is pretty simple, stay in His presence. So let’s do first things first:


“Pre-Soak” - set aside some time before you get your day started to listen. If you aren’t in a place to sit and listen, you have to figure out how you get there. I have my thinking chair and tea set, where I get with God and if I’m not hearing Him, there may be some blockage and I have to seek Him (sometimes it’s not right away and I have to do some searching).


Look and listen - what is your goals for today? What ideas have you been given? What are you inspired to do?


Write what you hear and see - This is where yesterday’s “Write it all down” comes in. The more intently you listen and try to get a vision for what you hear, the more God inspired ideas will come to you for a great productive day. 


Ikigai is commonly known for the reason for being, but it stems from issues you are dealing with in your heart. Your mind, will, and emotions. The more in tuned you are with your spirit within you, more satisfying your life will be.