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Aug 2021

Meaningful Mindful Meals

August 7, 2021

Today’s focus is on eating, but I didn’t want to talk about what you are eating, but who you are eating with. 


Sitting down together over food or even just a simple drink is the perfect set up for an ichigo ichie. Sitting across from someone gives you the chance to hear their heart, see body language, register the atmosphere into your mind, and roll all of it into a perfect image im your memory. 


Be sure to eliminate as many distractions as you can. One guy on a podcast I was listening to talked about how his group would go out, and when they would get to the table, the game began. They would put all of their phones in the center of the table, and the first person to touch their phone during that time together, had to pay for everyone’s meal. If no one lost, they all paid for their own. I think they understood that the importance of the time they had together, and that it is just for a moment that won’t last long. Make good use of it. The one statement shared during that time you were paying attention could be the one that changes everything in your entire world.