#UnBlockYourself 40:


I believe that everything you need at any given moment is buried deep within you. Any type of answers, solution to problems, ideas... whatever it may be, can be accessed when you need it most.


The problem is we’ve been programmed to block ourselves and rely on others to tell us what they think we need.


We look to Hollywood to tell us how to act towards one another.

We look to fashion designers to tell how to dress.

We look toward school to tell us how to think.

We look to the government to take care of us.

But, I think everything we need has been given to us. The keys to the universe are hidden within us, and it takes the subconscious and the the right frame of mind to unlock the solutions we’re looking for.


Unblock the mind and:

  • Tap into your source for all truths
  • Start to function in your purpose
  • Live by design for a full life


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