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Aug 2021

Write It All Down!

August 9, 2021

On Sundays @ seven, I do my Sunday Soak. This is like being in my thinking chair, but waaaaaay more relaxing. I get the water as hot as I can take, and stay in until I get out, no matter how long that takes. 


Anyway, this is my time to really get serious and seek God while I reflect on the wins and improvement opportunities (not losses) from the last week and plan to make this coming week even better.


So here’s how yesterday’s soak went:

I asked God, “how can I take things up a notch?  I’m doing what I can, what can I do to make things better?” Almost instantly, this was the reply, “You do good, you try to listen, BUT, you are not as effective because you do not write down the majority of what is given. You do what you remember, which is not a lot.” Ouch. I have so many notebooks and planners that I start, but never finish. I have so many ideas that have evaporated it’s not even funny. The key is that I don’t write it all down, OR, I write it and then lose it, because it’s not organized. 


So the goal for this week is to write things down, and have a place for it all to go until implemented. Just think about it, writing something down is you pulling thoughts from the spiritual realm, and transferring it into physical form, and then on to implementation. It’s quite fascinating, another thing is God’s word is strong and one reason it has lasted centuries like other great books, it has been written down and passed on for generations and generations.