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Aug 2021

Your Purpose not Limited

August 13, 2021

Most of my life I believed that we were called for a specific purpose. God placed us here to accomplish that one thing, and it takes most of our lives trying to figure out what that one thing is. But I no longer think like that. 


Who we are is made of many likes and dislikes, skills, gifts, and talents, and utilizing it for just one purpose would be hard to do. Your ikigai (your reason for being) is not limited to one thing in life and then locked into it till death, it is multi-faceted taking on many shapes and forms in your life because you are forever growing and coming in closer contact with the one who created you to live your best life. 


To limit your purpose to one thing that you aren’t sure that it is the one thing will cause you to turn down or turn away from other things that could greatly impact or improve your life. 


A Japanese Proverb:

“If you try, you may succeed.

If you don’t try, you will not succeed.

This is true of all things.

Not succeeding is the result of not trying.”


This is important because we look to fulfill a specific purpose in life, while all along we pass up living our one life full of purpose, which is our many things we have working for us to help us accomplish many purposes, not just one. Go do great things!